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Summer will run from June 26 – August 18, 2017. View/Download course offerings for the semester, inter-semestral break, and summer modules here.

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The first semester 2017-2018 runs from August 22-December 11, 2017.

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ATS has produced more than 1,800 alumni since 1969, building communities of faith all over the globe. Most of ATS’s international graduates return to their own countries to serve, even as countless Filipinos have also crossed cultures—locally and abroad—to bring the whole gospel. Our wide range of majors translates into varied ministerial engagements such as Bible translation, urban poor ministries, theological education, social work, pastorates, and missionary outreach.

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Since 2005, Asian Theological Seminary’s annual Theological Forum has been tackling relevant issues and contemporary themes. It is open to the public but is mostly attended by seminary students and lay people representing different organizations and denominations. The forum serves as an avenue not just for deeper knowledge on the topics but also for crucial equipping in terms of immediate application in the participants’ own contexts. Plenary sessions feature major speakers espousing the highlights of the theme while breakout sessions further cover the various aspects of the main issue.

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ATS upholds spirituality as core to seminary life. Our weekly Chapel services seek to cultivate inner growth, foster community relationships, and integrate worship into our everyday work routine. In case you missed a service, we have made our sermons available online. Listen to the speakers from our services and other special events here.

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