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The ATS Strategic Leader Development Center aims to provide quality professional programs and theological education to prepare leaders who will effect Biblical transformation in the church and societies in Asia and beyond.

MBA Programs

MBA in Biblical Stewardship and Christian Management

The MBA in Biblical Stewardship and Christian Management is a 42-unit professional program designed to equip the leaders and managers of Christian non-profit organizations in the areas of strategic thinking, good governance, management, and effective resource development and mobilization.

Admission Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in any field
• Minimum three years management experience
• Letter of endorsement from the applicant’s organization
• Three (3) recommendations: from a pastor, Christian friend, church and employer
• Pass the ATS entrance exam

Certificate in Managing Non-Profit Organizations

The Certificate in Managing Non-Profit Organizations (6 modules) seeks to build the capacity of the Christian non-profit organization in management and effective stewardship of their organization. It is designed for non-profit practitioners seeking shorter training in leading and managing non-profit organizations.

Certificate in Professional Christian Fundraising

The Certificate in Professional Christian Fundraising (8 modules) is an eight-Saturday module program aimed at building the capacity of the non-government organization in resource development and mobilization. Fundraisers learn to develop godly stewards who practice stewardship, generous living, and kingdom-focused giving.

Extension Programs

As a response to the growing need for ministerial equipping, certificate courses were designed to meet the training needs of pastors and church leaders within their own location at the quickest possible time and at an economical cost. These 10-module programs are designed with core and elective modules according to their respective foci. These courses are suitable for local ministerial and pastoral fellowships, Christian organizations, denominations, and ATS alumni chapter fellowships. Special arrangements can be made for groups outside Metro Manila.

Master of Ministries

Master of Ministries

The Master of Ministries is a 36-unit professional ecclesiastical degree program designed to improve ministry qualifications and skills in the context of vocational Christian service. Each of the 12 modular courses is designed with three components: pre-seminar independent study of directed readings (electronic); intensive four-day series of seminars; and post-seminar writing project or case study. This program may be taken in partnership with churches, denominations, and Christian organizations.

MBA in Biblical Stewardship and Christian Management
2016 Course Schedule

January 11-15, 2016
Biblical Stewardship and Resource Development
Dr. Zenet Maramara
February 1-5, 2016
Biblical Leadership Development
Dr. Melchor Go
March 1-4, 2016
Strategic Planning
BJ Sebastian, M.B.A.
Aurma Manlangit, M.P.M.
April 4-8, 2016
Organizational Development
Agnes Sarthou, Ph.D.
May 2-6, 2016
Strategic Marketing
Raymund Pinon, M.B.A.
June 7-11, 2016
Work, Calling and Human Dignity
Adonis Gorospe, Ph.D.
July 4-8, 2016
Human Resource Development
Dr. Grace Sumbillo
Adrian Gutierrez, MBA
August 1-5, 2016Entrepreneurial Leadership
Ms. Evangeline Quimpo, MBA, D.B.A.(ongoing)
September 5-9, 2016
Program and Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation
Erickson Velardo, M.B.A.,Ph.D.(ongoing)
October 15-28, 2016
Biblical and Theological Bases for Social Transformation
Dr. Charles Ringma
November 7-11, 2016
Managerial Accounting and Financial Management
Dr. Nora Lucero, M.B.A., CPA
Danny Lucero, CPA
December 5-9, 2016
Conflict Transformation
Mr. Jeremy Simons, MA in Conflict Transformation