Teaching the Bible in ATS

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Asian Theological Seminary professors make it a point to be sensitive to the denominational backgrounds of the ATS constituency, which comprises supporting missions and churches, and a student body representing various denominations. This means that each ATS professor is committed to:

  1. Remind the students throughout the course about the professor’s and the seminary’s adherence to Article I in the ATS Statement of Beliefs concerning the Bible.
  2. Share all the standard evangelical approaches to the Bible books/passages under discussion in the course, representing each approach fairly and showing their strengths and weaknesses. (For example, when teaching on Isaiah, the professor shall present the three approaches to the authorship — single, dual, trio — and the strengths and weaknesses of each.) The professor may also invite guest speakers who may better articulate a particular viewpoint.
  3. Present an approach to a book/passage not as the correct, or only, interpretive approach, but as one that makes the most sense to the professor. The professor shall always support his/her position with evidence from the Bible and share his/her approach in light of point #1 above.
  4. Allow students to form their own interpretation to a book/passage. A professor is not to downgrade a student for disagreeing on a view/approach. However, a professor shall expect students to defend their positions using evidence from the Bible; failure to do so may result in a lower grade.
  5. Help all students to appreciate and respect viewpoints of Scripture different from their own and dialog with others holding different perspectives, with love and understanding.