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God at the Borders

God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration and Diaspora

Editors: Dr. Charles Ringma, Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest & Athena O. Gorospe

“Diaspora missions is a kairos opportunity that presents unique challenges. To ensure a strategic and synchronous advance, the Evangelical church must respond to this opportunity and challenge. The 2014 Theological Forum theme God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration and Diaspora is a timely and necessary response to this challenge…

Though this study is delimited to the Philippine context, the discussions, findings, and recommendations to the Philippine church have global implications. This volume is a significant contribution tot he filed of missiology, particularly to the growing discussion on diaspora missiology.”

Sadiri Joy Tira
Senior Associate for Diasporas

“Lausanne Movement” ‘God at the Borders’ is a provocative and pregnant phrase. It could suggest that in our modern world we have relegated God to the margins of our societies and cultures. But the phrase could also suggest that the incarnational God of the biblical story chooses to be at the borders of our societies and cultures. Instead of being centrally located and powerful, God comes among us in lowly form in the person of Jesus Christ. In this sense, God comes from the periphery to bring salvation to all…

From this paradigm of who God is and how God works in our world, we receive a picture of who we are to be as the people of God and how we need to act in the world. As the community of faith, we need to move towards people, particularly those who are in a world of migration and dislocation, the church can’t become a temple or a ‘settled home,’ but must remain a tabernacle, a pilgrim community on the road.

This has signification implications for the mission of the church. In the globalized world, the church needs to rethink its identity in the light of Migrant God and our shrinking, connected and migratory world…May this volume call us forward into a fuller understanding of God’s call in our time
and world.”

Dr. Charles Ringma
God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration and Diaspora

Print version available at Asian Theological Seminary and OMF Literature.

Also available in e-book formats at Amazon, FlipreadsKobo, and iBooks.

Walking With God: Christian Spirituality in the Asian Context

General Editors: Dr. Charles Ringma & Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest

Christian spirituality is a topic of great interest in our contemporary world as many people are seeking to find sustainable life values and practices. This is particularly so in the Asian context, with its profound religious traditions and its integration of spirituality into every dimension of life. What is striking in this volume is that the practices of prayer and meditation are not simply discussed within the frame of a personal spirituality, but also in its outworking in the social arena. Here is a spirituality that is shown to have relevance for culture, natural disasters, persecution, and poverty. In these pages you will find discussions on prayer and ecology, spirituality and the social sciences, the journey of “the dark night of the soul,” and the relevance of the Medieval Christian mystics for present-day Asian Evangelicals.

Not only is this volume enhanced by the contribution of two outstanding scholars, Dr. John Goldingay from Fuller in the USA and Dr. Simon Chan from Trinity in Singapore, but it also offers the voices of many practitioners who, in ministering to human need and crises, demonstrate the healing dimensions of Christian spirituality.

This volume for the Asian world will be a rich resource for scholars, clergy, students, and the laity. In this book you will drink from deep wells which will nourish your soul, and it will also encourage you into the spiritual practices of social transformation and the work of justice.

Available at Asian Theological Seminary and OMF Literature
Also available in e-book format at OMF Literature, and

The Earth is the Lord’s: Reflections on Stewardship in the Asian Context

General Editors: Dr. Timoteo D. Gener and Dr. Adonis Abelard O. Gorospe

Thirteen chapters, twenty contributors, seeking to define God’s mandate for humanity regarding His creation amidst global environmental and financial crisis.

“Publishing this collection of essays thus meets the need of the hour. All throughout, stewardship served as the biblical-theological justification for responsibility towards creation as well as governance, handling capital, and the uplift of the marginalized.”

Dr. Timoteo D. Gener
Associate Dean of Faculty
Asian Theological Seminary

“This book offers a more holistic and satisfying path towards environmental conservation and management. It challenges the Christian to fulfill the creation mandate to till the garden and keep it. But this book goes beyond environmental stewardship as it also covers financial stewardship and effective leadership. I challenge you to read this book with an open mind. But be warned: your lifestyle may be transformed!”

Dr. Rodel D. Lasco
Senior Scientist, World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, San Pablo City

Available at Asian Theological Seminary and OMF Literature

The Church and Poverty in Asia

General Editor: Dr. Lee Wanak

Thirteen chapters, eighteen contributors, looking to find ways to fill the hungry with good things and make the Gospel truly Good News to the poor.

The Church and Poverty in Asia is an excellent resource on the theology and practice of ministry among the poor. The whole book is a gem—thoughtful, practical contributions from seasoned theologians, cultural exegetes, Bible teachers and urban poor workers.”

Bishop Efraim M. Tendero
National Director, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC)

The Church and Poverty in Asia is a unique resource for those searching for creative and innovative approaches to filling the hungry with good things. These scholars and practitioners provide biblical, theological, economic, cultural, psychological, educational, practical and historical reflections on demonstrating God’s compassionate care, tempered justice and wise counsel in transforming the face of the vulnerable.”

Dr. Corrie De Boer
Chairperson, Missions Ministries Philippines (MMP)

“Poverty still chains millions of people to hunger, illness, ignorance and personal underdevelopment. How should this disturbing reality figure in Christian theology and work? Informed by solid biblical scholarship and sensitive social awareness, this book articulates many voices of poverty and proposes exciting challenges.”

Pastor Ed Lapiz
Day by Day Christian Ministries

Available at Asian Theological Seminary

Principalities and Powers: Reflections in the Asian Context

Twelve chapters, twelve contributors, seeking to understand the shadowy world of demons and spirits in light of the Christian faith.

“Here’s a rare anthology from Asian Christians on a critical topic, a much-needed, wide-ranging discussion on the principalities and powers from Philippine and other Asian-based authors. Truly a great benefit to the churches.”

Bishop Efraim M. Tendero
National Director, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC)

“We thank God for this timely book for all Christians. While we wrestle against rulers of darkness and powers in the spiritual world, we come with the needed weapons. May this book aid us further with biblical truth and discernment against the powers!”

Bishop Daniel A. Balais
National Chairman, Intercessors for the Philippines (IFP)

“It is hard to overstate the importance of this book. Asian Christians confront religious issues vital to Christians everywhere. This will surely contribute to our growing up into Christ in all things.”

William Dyrness
Professor of Theology and Culture
Fuller Theological Seminary
Pasadena, California

Availability: Out of print

Naming the Unknown God

Twelve chapters.
Thirteen contributors.
One goal: name God in a kaleidoscope of cultures, religions, and persuasions.

Naming the Unknown God moves us beyond addressing the issue of Doing Theology in the Philippine Context to considering how we can sensitively and effectively dialogue and live among people of different faiths within and beyond Philippine borders. I am confident that you will be enriched and challenged by these carefully selected resources from the Conference, reflecting dialogical-theological explorations on a variety of interreligious themes.”

Bishop Cesar V. Punzalan III
OIC President, Asian Theological Seminary
Vice Chairman, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC)
ExeCom Member, PCEC Interfaith Commission

“The doing of theology requires attentiveness to the Gospel and human experience. This is what undergirds and unites the essays in this collection. The authors explore in different ways how faith in Jesus Christ and context interact with each other, given the imperatives of the former and the demands of the latter. But all agree that it must be done in and through genuine dialogue. The volume stands as a witness to the dynamism of Christianity in Asia.”

Jose M. de Mesa
University Fellow at De La Salle University-Manila

Availability: Out of print

Doing Theology in the Philippines

Fourteen thought-provoking chapters.
Fourteen contributors, each with a sense of urgency about doing theology that is Filipino.

Doing Theology in the Philippines is an invaluable resource that will help us toward a firmer grasp of Filipino theology as it is now, and equip us in the work of its continuous development. These essays clearly convey the exigency of contextualizing both our theology and our ministry if we are to effectively minister to people and impact them with the gospel.  A wealth of insights from which any serious student (or teacher) of God’s Word can benefit…”

Bishop Efraim M. Tendero
National Director, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC)

“While traditional systematic theology is essential, organizing biblical material into a coherent whole, it hardly deals with practical issues and challenges faced by local believers. Merely passing on ‘packaged theology’ does little good to the recipients. In contrast, doing theology, as an effort to reflect on the life-situation of the church in the light of the Christian faith, helps believers define and relevantly apply God’s truth to their situation. The contributors of the 14 essays in Doing Theology in the Philippines are ardent lovers of the Bible, mature Christian thinkers, and keen students of the local culture.”

Dr. Rodrigo D. Tano
Dean, Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines

Available at Asian Theological Seminary and OMF Literature