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Master of Ministries

Program Description

The Master of Ministries is a 36-unit professional ecclesiastical degree program designed to improve ministry qualifications and skills in the context of vocational Christian service. The program demands self-discipline and willingness to allocate regular times for diligent study. Applicants may apply for a Master of Ministries degree if they already possess a bachelor’s degree. Those without a bachelor’s degree may apply for a Diploma of Ministries if they are 35 years old or older. Those taking the 12 courses on audit will receive a Certificate in Christian Ministries.

Program Format

The program consists of 12 modular courses (6 foundational courses, 4 elective courses and 2 cognate courses) making up a total of 36 credit units. Each course has 3 integrated and interdependent components: a pre-seminar independent directed study of selected readings provided electronically (5-10 pages long), an intensive 4-day series of seminars (8 AM – 12 PM; 1:30 – 4:30 PM; 7 hours total per day) building on the independent study to broaden and deepen the students’ grasp of the subject, and a post-seminar writing project or case study that will provide the opportunity to explore the implications of the lessons learned for the student’s own ministry context. Course work earned in this program will not be credited toward any CHED-recognised program at the Asian Theological Seminary.

Program Partnerships

ATS seeks to partner with churches, denominations, and Christian organisations to provide quality theological education to Christian servant leaders in order to transform church and society. The partnering organization will invest 50,000 pesos per module to help defray the cost of training, arrange for the venue and ensure that there will be at least 20-25 students attending. ATS will provide the faculty and materials needed to teach each module.