Why Study at ATS?

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Asian Theological Seminary is an evangelical, interdenominational, multicultural theological institution that serves the needs of the Asian church and beyond. We train and equip Christian men and women to be competent, Spirit-filled servant-leaders. By the Spirit of God, they will effect Biblical transformation in society and the world, for the cause of Christ and the glory of God.

It equips students with the underlying core distinctives of being:


  • Excellent international faculty and students
  • Global curriculum with global outreach and impact
  • Demonstrates the intercultural character of the body of Christ
  • Encourages students to serve God in their home country, thus helping impact Asia and the world


  • Equips students while remaining in ministry, thus learning is relevant and contextualized
  • Encourages students to reflect critically and dynamically in the midst of an active ministry


  • Bible-based framework
  • Integrates personal holiness, evangelism, and social responsibility
  • Engages students in social issues and the development of one’s own community and nation


  • Trans-denominational, enriched by different traditions
  • Allows freedom to express personal beliefs
  • Various denominations represented in the ATS student body are all committed to the Bible as the Word of God, and yet recognize diversity as an expression of their freedom in Christ


An excellent international faculty
Composed of both Asians and Westerners who are committed to high academic and ethical standards, ATS faculty members work well together to demonstrate the international and cross-cultural character of the body of Christ.

An integrative and socially relevant theological education
ATS education is Scripturally sound and socially relevant, addressing the needs for personal holiness and for structural and cultural transformation as integral to Christian mission. ATS students are taught that the discipleship of nations, while rooted in a vibrant personal commitment to Christ, cannot in the end be divorced from social issues, community development, and nation building.

Unity and freedom in Christ
As an academic institution, ATS fosters freedom of inquiry and respect for other viewpoints.ATS promotes unity in the essentials of the faith and freedom to disagree in other areas of Christian doctrine. The various denominations represented in the ATS student body are all committed to the Bible as the Word of God, and yet recognize diversity as an expression of their freedom in Christ.

World-class education at subsidized rates
Since tuition fees are subsidized, all students are scholars. Student fees cover approximately one fourth of the seminary’s operating expenses, with the rest of the budget coming from individual supporters and churches here and abroad. ATS provides world-class education at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent degree in the West.

National and global impact
ATS encourages students to return home and serve God in their own countries. In contrast to Asian students who study in the West, the foreign students of ATS—from Burma, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam—faithfully return home to fulfill their obligations to supporters and churches, and to apply their theological education to their national ministries. In this way, they globally impact Asia and the world.