Insights from the Pastoral Epistles: For a Passionate and Lasting Ministry in 21st Century

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Insights from the Pastoral Epistles: For a Passionate and Lasting Ministry in 21st Century
Dr. Minho Song
ATS Summer Module
June 20-24, 2016, 9 am – 4 pm


Course Description

In our complex world, the demands of a pastoral ministry are greater than ever. In terms of scope, pastors need to be both globally minded and locally connected.  Meanwhile, many pastors find their authority increasingly contested as congregational support weakens. How does one rise above such challenges and engage fully in a ministry of passion, purpose and lasting impact?

We will examine the pastoral themes of the Pastoral Epistles in light of the needs and issues of  21st century ministry.  By drawing examples from our own experiences and interacting with Paul’s insights, we hope to return to our work refreshed and rejuvenated for a healthy congregational life and a missional call.


You may download the course syllabus here.

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