Strategic Planning and Control

The Asian Theological Seminary Strategic Leader Development Center invites you to attend the upcoming Strategic Planning and Control course. This will be held at the ATS campus from March 27 to 31, 2017, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The course will be taught by Ms. Aurma M. Manlangit, M.P.M.

Course Description

Strategic planning plays an important role in effective management of organizations.

The course will help develop the participants’ strategic thinking and formulate strategies to realize the vision, mission and goals of their organizations. This will cover the application of strategic planning theory and principles, including current practice in non-profit and faith-based organizations. It will also explore how planning is integrated into the budget and strategic management functions to facilitate execution or implementation of projects and programs to drive organizational productivity and effectiveness.

The course will also allow participants to directly apply classroom learning with actual practice in their respective organizations through their specific strategic plans.


  • Learn the importance of integrating Biblical principles in the actual strategic planning process
  • Demonstrate why planning is a critical process for achieving vision and mission of organization
  • Explore critical components of strategic planning approaches (through illustration of ideas and practical organizational experiences)
  • Know the various theories, approaches, methods and techniques in undertaking a strategic planning
  • Translate goals into concrete projects and programs
  • Identify areas and options for improving participants’ own plans,planning structures and systems and operationalization of programs and projects


Ms. Aurma M. Manlangit, M.P.M. is the Director of the Executive Education Program of the Ateneo School of Government. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences and a Master in Management, both from the University of the Philippines.

She received a certificate degree in Project Planning and Management from the National Institute for Public Administration (INTAN), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Training Technologies for Management Course at the Asian Productivity Center, New Delhi, India.

Ms. Manlangit has 20 full years of extensive work experience in development work, providing various research, capability-building, and consulting services in the areas of project development and management.


  • Php 12,500 for 5-day MBA (3-unit credit) course towards the MBA in Biblical Stewardship and Christian Management program
  • Php 8,000 for 5-day audit (non-credit) seminar
  • Php 4,000 for 3-day seminar towards the Certificate in Managing Non-Profit Organizations program
  • Php 1,000 for 1-day seminar on the Overview of Strategic Planning

Enrollment and Registration

For MBA students who are taking the course as a 3-unit credit course, please click here to fill out the enrollment form.

For those who would like to attend the 1-day, 3-day or 5-day non-credit seminar, please click here to register.

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