Athena Evelyn Gorospe, Ph. D.

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Athena Evelyn Gorospe, Ph. D.

Research Director
Associate Professor


Doctor of Philosophy
Master of Theology
Master of Divinity
Bachelor of Arts


Fuller Theological Seminary
Asia Graduate School of Theology
Asian Theological Seminary
University of the Philippines

Dr. Athena Gorospe is Associate Professor for Old Testament Exegetical courses, Biblical Theology, Transformation Theology, Hebrew Language, and Old Testament Book studies. She received her Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Old Testament concentration) at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2006. She received her Theology Masters from Asia Graduate School of Theology and her Master of Divinity from Asian Theological Seminary. Dr. Athena completed her Bachelor of Arts at the University of the Philippines.

“Old Testament Narrative and Ethics: A Journey in Understanding..” In Conversation at the Edges of Things: Reflections for the Church in Honor of John Goldingay. Edited by Francis Bridger and James T. Butler. Wipf and Stock:2011. (This was republished in Phronesis 20 (2013): 9-26).

“Old Testament Narratives in Context: Moses’ Reverse Migration and a Hermeneutics of Possibility.” In The Gospel in Culture: Contextualization Issues through Asian Eyes. Edited by Melba Maggay. Mandaluyong City, Philippines: OMF Lit, 2013.

“Going Beyond Stewardship of Creation: The Call to a Theology of Life.” In Light for our Path: The Authority, Inspiration, and Meaning of Scripture. Manila: Asia Theological Association, 2013. (An earlier version of this was also published in Evangelical Review of Theology 37 (July 2013): 256-66, with the title “Evangelicals and the Environment: Beyond Stewardship.”

“The Divine Trickster in the Samson Narrative.” Phronesis 20 (2013):131-56.

“What does the Bible say about Migration: Three Approaches to the Old Testament.” In God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration, and Diaspora. Edited by Charles R Ringma, Karen Hollenbeck-Wuest, and Athena E. Gorospe. Mandaluyong City: OMF Literature, 2015.

“God’s Justice in the Book of Judges: Study Notes.” God’s Justice: NIV Study Bible. Biblica, Zondervan (forthcoming)