Timoteo D. Gener, Ph.D.

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Timoteo D. Gener, Ph. D.

Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Theology
Master in Philosophy
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Bachelor of Theology (Magna Cum Laude)


Fuller Theological Seminary, U.S.A.
Institute for Christian Studies, Canada
Trinity College, Philippines
Febias College of Bible, Philippines

President and Professor of Theology at the Asian Theological
Seminary (ATS). He has undergraduate degrees in theology (B.Th., FEBIAS College of the Bible, Magna cum laude) and philosophy [B.A. in Philosophy, Trinity University of Asia (formerly Trinity College, Philippines)]. He took his M. Phil. (Systematic Theology with a focus on Theological Contextualization) at the Institute for Christian Studies (Toronto School of Theology, Canada) in 1998. In 2003, Tim received his Ph.D. in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary (California) with the dissertation, The Catholic Imagination in a Theology of Culture: A Conversation with David Tracy on Theology of Culture. Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and commissioned as a missionary by Hillcrest Christian Church (Toronto, Canada), Tim was also 2001 Global Scholar for Missions at the First Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, California.

Dr. Gener was part of the faculty of Asian Theological Seminary, teaching theology subjects since 2002. He has also served in various capacities at ATS: as Director of Research, Head of the Department of Theology and Associate Dean of Faculty. Since 2009, he was also Director of the Theological Studies Program of the Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines until he assumed the presidency of the Asian Theological
Seminary last April 1, 2011.

“’I Heard a Voice Speaking in the Hebrew Tongue’: Paul’s Missional Approach to Culture,” in The Gospel in Culture: Contextualization through Asian Eyes (Mandaluyong City: OMF Lit., 2013).

“Christologies in Asia: Trends and Reflections,” in Jesus Without Borders:
Christology in the Majority World, Edited by Gene Green, Stephen Pardue and K.K. Yeo (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014), 59-79.

“Global Theology: Where to From here?,” (with Stephen Pardue) in God at the Borders: Globalization, Migration, and Diaspora
(Mandaluyong City: OMF Lit./Asian Theological Seminary, 2015).