Registration & Online Payment

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1. Contact the Admissions’s office by email & they would take care of your application and admission details.State your intention to enroll specifying which online course to take.

Admissions Coordinator: Ms. Mary Jane Cosido –

2. You will get a confirmation email once requirements are completed and duly accepted in the course

3. After confirmation, pay tuition via the ATS website:

_____a. Go to menu and choose Donate/Pay
_____b. Click Pay Now and you will be directed to the payment page and choose Scholarship Fund in the Campaign field
_____c. Tuition fees would be:

__________$155.00 (Php6,600.00) per course
__________$47 (Php2,000.00) for technology and miscellaneous fees (one time payment per term)

4. Send payment details to the registrar to confirm your payment and enrolment in the specified online course.
5. You will receive an email from the registrar confirming your enrolment and giving you a username and password for our Online Course. You can begin accessing the online courses you have enrolled.

Thank you, Enjoy Learning & God bless!